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Fewer Australians Gamble in a 3-Month Period

Australia Gambling The research demonstrated 49.1 percent of Australians gambled in a three-month period from January to March 2018, which is a decrease of almost 1 percent from the results of a year ago, when 50.6 percent of Australians reported they gambled at least once during a three-month period. The market research firm surveyed 50,000 Australians on their gambling habits each year, including 7,000 Australians who underwent more intensive interviews in their homes. The survey questions have essentially stayed the same for the last two or three years, but more questions have been added recently to include research for trends, such as online casino games and online poker. About 722,000 Australians participate in lottery drawings and scratch cards but do not participate in casino gaming or online gaming. They reported they were only interested in one-time games, such as scratch cards, which deliver immediate results. The adults surveyed also said they bought tickets as they were buying other items at stores, and did not report wanting to spend a lot of time on gaming. Other results included the fact that about 241,000 citizens play sports gaming and betting without participating in lotteries, scratch cards or casino gaming. This represents a rise in online sports betting during the period surveyed in the same period as last year. More than 1.5 million Australians play lotteries and participate in online gaming activities that do not include sports betting. Also, about 3 percent of the population participates in online gaming, casino gaming, scratch tickets, and lotteries, as well as sports betting.

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